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Who we are

The shareholders of Domaine des Appalaches inc., a family-run business, are members of the Valence family.

The Parents

Jeanne Gaudreau and Claude Valence are the co-founders who began developing this ancestral land into a resort area. After many years of hard work, they showed their sons the ropes, dans the eventually took over.

Jeanne Gaudreau          Claude Valence


After completing their studies and spending a few years in the labour market, Pierre and Benoît came back to settle in Notre-Dame-des-Bois, and are now running the Domaine des Appalaches Inc. Giving their all to ensure that the Domaine des Appalaches Inc. continues to flourish, they are respectively Vice-president and President of the company.

Benoit welcomes prospective buyers, assists them in choosing a property, and provides them with the necessary tools: building tips, contacts with stakeholders, etc., in order to help them make their dream come true.

benoit valance

Pierre takes care of road infrastructure, forestry, surveying, general maintenance of roads and buildings, as well as ensuring that the roads are in good shape so that people can drive there without any hassle.

Pierre Valence - web

The sisters-in-law

Benoit’s wife, Nathalie Goulet, is part of the administration of the business council. Always good-natured and ready to help, you can reach her by phone or directly at our office. She addresses current and future customer inquiries, and performs a great deal of the administrative tasks.

nathalie goulet

Josée Doucet, married to Pierre, is the office manager. Her tasks are mainly administrative, as she is the Secretary to the Board of Directors.

josee doucet

The neighbor and friend

Charline Labrie had already been living at the Domaine for a couple of years when we asked her to join the team. Since then, she works at the reception, handling a variety of administrative tasks and answering current and future customer queries.

Charline Labrie

The other neighbor and friend

Michel Noël is the latest addition to our team, and had also been living in the area for a few years when we sought his help. A jack of all trades, Michel is always there to lend a helping hand whether it’s for road or building maintenance.

Michel Noël