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Well-established in Notre-Dame-des-Bois,   Domaine des Appalaches’ company managers are committed to giving back to their community, finding no shortage of opportunities: hockey jerseys, providing financial assistance to sports tournaments, sponsoring local festivals.

This year, Notre-Dame-des-Bois is preparing to expand its small elementary school, La Voie Lactée, which is in need of a safe gymnasium, a larger library, as well as new offices for the Aféas. Estimated at $1 million, a strong and motivated team will be needed to carry out this major project.

Benoit and Pierre Valence, two former students of the elementary school, have been actively implicated with investigators in bringing this project to life. In fact, everyone has become involved in one way or another: the local mayor, councillors, teachers, the School Board, the Caisse Populaire, as well as Danae Audet-Beaulieu, the honorary president of the fundraising campaign. On June 9 of 2015, during a press conference celebrating the beginning of  the campaign, Pierre took the floor and spoke about everyone’s excitement for the project, announcing that if that requested grant was awarded by the Ministry of education, Domaine des Appalaches would donate $500 000 over a period of 20 years.

This donation will cover the various maintenance costs and different needs of these new accommodations. Find out more about the project and the people involved by reading the full article published by l’Echo de Frontenac newspaper of its June 12, 2015 edition (in French only) : click here. engagement