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Land owner’s information guide

Now that you’ve found the piece of land of your dreams, we’ll help you get started in just a few simple steps.

Step one – location

Placing pillars at the corners of your land will enable you to delimit the entrance as well as the location of your future home, in accordance with the separation requirements. We strongly advise you to contact us, since several properties already have one or more pillars in place, but, in case any are missing, we will put you in touch with an experienced surveyor. Once this is done, we ask you to share your vision with us so we can offer you professional advice on how to proceed.


Step two – preparation


Once your project is well-drafted, you will be invited to contact the local inspector of Notre-Dame-des-Bois, who will give you a detailed explanation of all the necessary standards and regulations in our locality.


Step three – construction


Whether you decide on a turn-key building project, a mini-home, a log cabin or self-build project, we will refer you to the various local specialized contractors.


Rest assured that you can count on our team of to receive expert advice and referrals throughout the course of your project.


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