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Land owner’s informational guide

You have found the land on which you can make your dreams come true! We can now help you make your dream become a reality by following these few simple steps.

First step: choosing the perfect location

Installing markings at the extremities of your land will allow you to clearly delimit your land, your driveway, and the location of your future building, while making sure you follow the regulation set distances. Check with our team since many lands have already been bounded or may have one or many markings. We can also put you in touch with experienced land surveyors.

If you would like, you can share your vision with us and benefit from our extensive experience and advice.

Second step : preparation

Once your project is taking shape, a meeting with the municipality’s building inspector is recommended. The inspector will explain the regulations and norms to follow, and can guide you in the next steps and permits necessary for you project.

Third step : construction

Whether you choose a turnkey construction, a prefabricated house, a wooden cottage or self-construction, we can refer you to the best professionals in the regions to assist you.

Last step

Rest assured that all along your project, you can count on out team members to answer your questions and give you experienced advice.